I hope your world is gentle to you today, While I await, for the sun to set

The chimneys are no more

While the horizon is blazing,

As another soul burns

One more I could not save

Gone to dust, as you came

Another brittle little man-thing

Will you be there, in your beautiful slumber

When this fire has been quenched,

And night endless is in my soul?

Light of the morn seems far off now

I hope your world is gentle to you today

While I await, for the sun to set

Keep on dreaming

In your beautiful slumber

And I will be your ferryman on your boat of life

To the morn in the distant skyline

Through this river bend of a life

While I await, for the stars to shine again

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Tranquility is something we all crave in the hustle of the modern world.

When everyday is a grind from wakefulness to sleeplessness, we are left in an emotional vacuum.

Some find solace in being by themselves or something that they love to do but let’s take a second and admit we are all human and we are social creatures.

And to each and every one of us there would come a time where we meet someone who can turn the chaos of our inner being into blissful tranquility.