I’ll give you my storms

Uproot your trees

Shatter your pillars

Would your mind comprehend then?

Free fall awaits the courageous.

In submission to my will and whim

As the winds gnash and cracks your bones

Molded to scatter your defiance

Would your mind comprehend then?

Fear is momentary, one that only you can choose

In the agony of being caught

By the maelstrom of my waves

Unleashed to bring you to your knees

Would your mind comprehend then?

The truths that were spoken, a myriad of times

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The Cave

While there are so many downsides to the “new normal” that we are going through, there are many upsides to it as well. Finding new ways to pass the time is almost a creative challenge everyday with so many limitations to what we can do.

Revisiting old thoughts, writings and discussions among other things have become something I’ve begun to enjoy doing over the past few days. History of both the now and the personal and of the ancient and the impersonal is always a fascinating journey inwards and outward.

One such discussion that I was able to recall was about “the allegory of the cave” by Plato, the Greek philosopher. Upon contemplation, to me it seemed, that the theories that he expressed is still as relevant as ever, in relation to the current events of the world.

For those that don’t know about the theory of the cave I found this in-depth summary: https://www.philosophyzer.com/the-allegory-of-the-cave-by-plato-summary-and-meaning/

In my opinion to put it in the simplest of terms, the theory posits that one should not only rely on your own sensory inputs for knowledge and truth of the world. One should also explore and understand how the universe works through contemplation and reading of what others have put forward as well.

For is life worth living if we don’t take a moment to understand the universe and why we are here in this time and space?


A blossom such as you

Defies all belief.

Graceful in a meadow of you

Shining brightly in my eyes of disbelief.

With your mystical and alluring invocations

You make me believe, magic exists in this world,

Not unlike a red camellia

Rarest of all forms most beautiful

In your serene pureness

Your heady scent envelopes me

I, beholden to your heavenly awareness

Invoking in me, thoughts of what could be

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Sometimes all it takes a single moment of clarity to push back against the darkness. Though how we reach that moment is very individualistic experience. It could be a feeling of hope, elation or just a need to grind away life everyday.

Here’s hoping everyone finds that moment of clarity in the darkest of nights.

Photo by C. Z. Shi on Unsplash