Serpent Tongue

An experiment in automatic writing.

Silhouette slacking,
Lip smacking,
Emptying the lake of virtues,
Silver line across the sky,
Humanoid beings and other worldly light,
Wild headlights veer out of the way of a dawn,
Yawning people walk streets of flesh,
With no stars associated with no moon,
Pretty boys over on the left,
Over grown abnormalities taint existence,
Universes fall through pocket holes,
Glittering slime reflections,
Of pretty bubbles surfacing,
With talkative camels, raining,
Starry bubbles staring on,
At snakes dangling pots of holes,
Leaking from two bottomless pits of,
Uplifting shadows, unstable, unstoppable,
Cling on with maniacal laughter,
Gathering at throats end with the end of the world,
Time spent facing two looking glasses,
Cajoling heat throbs downed,
With light erupting from the ends of men’s tools,
Slick greasy hang on towels,
Running across trees,
Blue in color for seven days,
With the seventh one of the seven,
Prostrating for the glory of the serpent spent