Sever the soul, Till kingdom come

Sever the soul

There is always a truth in between the lines,
Traded in for a minute of respite,
In a chaotic world of synchronized happenstance
In our neglect of that which is true,
We’ve become masters of pretense,
Blurring the lines in our moment of repose
And what is left is undeniably infectious,
A Severing of the soul and all that we are

Till Kingdom come

The onset of passion dictates
A veritable explosion of emotions
For those who found meaning
In companionship and self
Joyously floating up into the clouds
Awaiting a séance of those who came before
In reveries and rituals
Till kingdom come

Safe Haven & Secrets

Safe Haven

I do not wish to erase your world
Yet I will forever build my own
In conjunction and contradiction
But welcoming to you and the lost in you
Never to wilt as long as you hold true
A shore for depraved and the beautiful


Love is possible when the self dissolves
You give up all your secrets
Bringing down the walls between you and I
It is when you’re an open book
All your pages up to that moment read 
And the blank pages filled with you and I

Universal Constants

To be human in a world of madness
To remember that we are of sameness
Freedom of a road not taken
Prods me along to show you to awaken
Countless fields to sow and reap
And yet all I see of them makes me weep
To be an animal in a world of cruelty
To remember that the universe lacks subtlety
In chaos and hostilities portrayed
In the end laying in front of a fire, flayed
Forgotten pieces of consciousness, damning
Likened to a dead man walking
To be beyond the fleeting nature of life
To remember that like a tree bereft of strife
Calm and swaying in the wind, unperturbed
Yet ever so often, hewn and disfigured
Passing on the rings of your core to the living
Not unlike a dead man walking
Ever so often questioned on life
Cyclical never ending
The imaginary and the real
The more things change
The more they stay the same
That in essence the very nature of life
A principle of the flesh, sinews and atoms
Of You, complete, once perceived