The stars guide my way

Across a path of light through my memories

On towards moments of you and I

For I would always remember

How the stars and the moon shone that night

On you and I beneath the trees listening to sound of waves

In the darkness of that night

Your eyes captivated mine, I speechless

Mesmerized in their heated afterglow

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A blossom such as you

Defies all belief.

Graceful in a meadow of you

Shining brightly in my eyes of disbelief.

With your mystical and alluring invocations

You make me believe, magic exists in this world,

Not unlike a red camellia

Rarest of all forms most beautiful

In your serene pureness

Your heady scent envelopes me

I, beholden to your heavenly awareness

Invoking in me, thoughts of what could be

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