Primal Moments

Sometimes all you need is a moment

A moment of primal animal desperation

That you despise yet inevitable

Vindictive in nature, in the grand scheme of life

To the coherence that is the chaos of you

Emanating all around you

Engulfing the past and the present

To a future predetermined

In contradiction to your chaos

In spite of all that you know

I am

I am but he, understood by the word,

A paradoxical existence, in being,

An illusory reality, grounded,

In the permanence that permeates the real.

I am but he, in being,

A metaphorical knife, that cuts skin deep

Perennial in nature, in creation and destruction,

The tragedy of all that I behold.

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I hope your world is gentle to you today, While I await, for the sun to set

The chimneys are no more

While the horizon is blazing,

As another soul burns

One more I could not save

Gone to dust, as you came

Another brittle little man-thing

Will you be there, in your beautiful slumber

When this fire has been quenched,

And night endless is in my soul?

Light of the morn seems far off now

I hope your world is gentle to you today

While I await, for the sun to set

Keep on dreaming

In your beautiful slumber

And I will be your ferryman on your boat of life

To the morn in the distant skyline

Through this river bend of a life

While I await, for the stars to shine again

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