Nothing is ever set in stone

“That which brings us to our knees will separate our fantasies”

Nothing is ever set in stone. Someone once told me that throughout our lives we have dreams and fantasies that we strive to achieve. But no matter how much we persist in our goals some are destined to fail. Some failures will just graze us by and we’d think nothing of it.

Yet at times we invest so much of ourselves and our time into these dreams and fantasies, when it all comes crashing down it brings us to our knees. And it is how we deal with those failures that defines who we are from that point onward.

Life and its many obstacles

Whether we dust ourselves off and start anew or let our failures consume us to the point of no return. It is human to fail. It’s human to fail and keep trying as well.

After three decades, what he said to me makes more sense than ever before. The idea that we must never give up no matter what is a fallacy.

We should be taught, even as children that to fail in their dreams and fantasies is acceptable. And when they fail they should dream of something new and more grandiose. No matter the pain and the hardships that they’d face, success comes to those who endure in their failures.

Beauty exists everywhere. The key is to look at the right moment.