A Contemplation of existence

First came air then light

The world glistened, shuddering on its onset

Black and white then made itself visible

The world had come into being

Gale upon gale picked up its pace

Colors swirled around birthing vibrance and life

Calm, serene and wondrous

Gaea untouched

To this pure and true world

Dawn blessed its first rays of the sun

Cold and warm, the perfect balance

I awoke

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Macrocosm & Microcosm

Where the self yearns and reflects on that which is greater than the sum of its existence.



In motion as the wind over distant waters

Warmth as a fire ever burning at the center

The breath of life, cosmic, and the self


In motion outward, in union and oneness

In motion inward, equilibrium of the self

Passive and inert, a divine reasoning

Funneling into the consciousness of the self


Pale glimmering of the moon, a hope

Radiant against the stellar canvas, encompassing

Immersing us all, In its beauteous silvery glow

Until it fades, only to rise again reborn

But that in itself is a reflection of you

Of warmth and the light, borrowed

That which I wish to be, Giver of life

The bearer of an unquenchable fire

For more content: https://www.instagram.com/soare_daze/