To be human is to understand

You and I, equal and alike

Born of the same essence, the stuff of stars

Our hubris and prejudices, artificial imitations

A speck of dust, insignificant and irrelevant

To being human

The greater, the profound

A species of kindness and compassion

Attainable when you and I

Equal and alike

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Behind the smile lay great trepidations

Pleading for release, coherent and the arcane

Inundation of emotions, explosive inwards

Frozen in time, awaiting the peace and lull

Only a pure hearts song can bring forth

Wilted away against the gales and storms

Left are the bare bones of defiant bliss

Skinless and cold, to shatter at a touch

Warmth craved for the lost and the fallen

To scatter the diseased and the dark

Stripped of all essence of being

Hollowed in earnest

For the song and the melodies

Of one as pure of heart

As dreams tend to convey

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