Flow of Time

Like a butterfly flapping its wings

Here and now

Storms in the distant far off

When and where

What you perceive to do now

The thoughts and actions

Of the now and here

Culminates in the future

Time is distance

Time is unchanging

Linear in its progression

Never wavering

The constant of you and I

For hope or despair

Whatever may come to pass


Sever the soul, Till kingdom come

Sever the soul

There is always a truth in between the lines,
Traded in for a minute of respite,
In a chaotic world of synchronized happenstance
In our neglect of that which is true,
We’ve become masters of pretense,
Blurring the lines in our moment of repose
And what is left is undeniably infectious,
A Severing of the soul and all that we are

Till Kingdom come

The onset of passion dictates
A veritable explosion of emotions
For those who found meaning
In companionship and self
Joyously floating up into the clouds
Awaiting a séance of those who came before
In reveries and rituals
Till kingdom come

Safe Haven & Secrets

Safe Haven

I do not wish to erase your world
Yet I will forever build my own
In conjunction and contradiction
But welcoming to you and the lost in you
Never to wilt as long as you hold true
A shore for depraved and the beautiful


Love is possible when the self dissolves
You give up all your secrets
Bringing down the walls between you and I
It is when you’re an open book
All your pages up to that moment read 
And the blank pages filled with you and I

Corona Renderer – an experiment.

Being in lockdown due to the pandemic provided a perfect setting to experiment with a new architectural visualization engine. For the past decade and more, I had been using Vray as my primary render engine and while it is comprehensive, it does take a lot of tinkering to come up with a satisfactory result.

However, with the corona renderer the results are almost instant. With minimal settings to play with, lighting, materials and the render setup, which furthermore assisted by the native material library that comes included with the renderer.

While Vray is more technical and harder to learn, Corona is very user friendly and intuitive. Its simplicity is mind boggling compared to the results it provides in such a short time. The speed at which it attains near perfect results is refreshing to see.

As I experiment more I will share the differences that I find in future blog posts.