Amor Fati

To love ones fate.

Her eyes were beautiful, lustrous

A distant star with stories and memories, shining

The waves were lit up by the glow of the moon

The sound of it crashing on to the shore

An ambient musical, breaking,

The lull and stillness of the night

In a resoluteness that I admired in her

She gazed in to my eyes

Her curls caught in the wind

She asked, “how do you define love”

Love is blind they say,

A wrecking ball of emotions, feelings

Love is never planned,

A moment where a high speed train,

Rushes toward you with nowhere to run

Love is spontaneous and delayed,

Like the sudden lightening in the distance

Followed by a terrible thunder.

Ephemeral and transient

Yet enduring in who you are.

I was lost, lost in those sparkling eyes

Lost in her infectious smile.

“Love is chemical” I stammered

A dreamlike setting, to relate,

To be understood and to understand.

Union of two, transcending time,

Dreaming of the same dreamscapes

Two souls in harmonious vibration

Sexual and intimate in feeling

Emotional and profound in the presence

Lost in thought and each other

A single soul inhabiting two beings.

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I hope your world is gentle to you today, While I await, for the sun to set

The chimneys are no more

While the horizon is blazing,

As another soul burns

One more I could not save

Gone to dust, as you came

Another brittle little man-thing

Will you be there, in your beautiful slumber

When this fire has been quenched,

And night endless is in my soul?

Light of the morn seems far off now

I hope your world is gentle to you today

While I await, for the sun to set

Keep on dreaming

In your beautiful slumber

And I will be your ferryman on your boat of life

To the morn in the distant skyline

Through this river bend of a life

While I await, for the stars to shine again

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