Half a moon was I

Unconscious and asleep

In disarray and disillusion

Lost in trance witnessing the shoreline

You, shining as if the sun

Reflecting onto me your light

I, full and waxed

No longer in a coma of life

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Everything moves and revolves

To be still and yet to move

In a dance macabre or otherwise

We stood hollowed and lost

You grabbed my hand and we fell

In to a daydream, fevered and illusory

Side by side moving as if still

To the music of the universe

Celebrate all that you are

Embracing all that you have

Moving as one, spiraling

Towards the beautiful and the hallowed

Lost in the oncoming headlights

Crashing into each other

Like stars binary

To become one

Severed are the best

Broken are the kindest

Yet to look beyond the flaws

The imperfections of being human

Into beauty that surpasses

To grasp meaning in you

A treasure that’s worth everything

You may ever be, still

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Rolling hills and running waters

An imaginative narrative for I,

But for you, the one who lives,

In the midst of storms and fire, as I,

Yearning for a heavenly safe haven,

Of bliss and calm, paradise.

But for I, the fire and the furnace,

The raging winds and the trembling earth,

Malleable to my wishes, a home,

Built of bones and broken hearts

A whirlwind of hopes and dreams come to die,

In its chaos I remain, content.

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